GTA 5 Funny Moments & Glitches w/ Mini Ladd, Vanoss, H2O Delirious, and More!

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Mini Ladd and friends share some hilarious GTA 5 glitches and funny moments with us! If you enjoyed the video, be sure to smack the Like button, it only take…


MrJexTG says:

Mini Ladd And vanoss… xD

richard mccormick says:

will this work offline


Outro song is awesome!!!

brandon greene says:

fucking love mini ladds accent

matthew candelario says:

You guys copy the Crew

Night Claw says:

What’s that creepy theme they play?

FlAvYuSxXx says:

Project X ?

Larry Foster says:

Boy it would be an honor too play with vanoss. 

LatteralGaming says:

People found North Yankton before the dlc for it came out. Maybe the
haunted hospital is going to be a future dlc.

Gianmarco Gonzalez says:

Vanoss and H20Delirious

metin mumcu says:

bro nice funny video :D

Kenny Kenny says:

the end picture is so scarey

Jamie Baptiste says:

Hey h20 delirious you and vanoss is so funny !!!!!!

Drake Britton says:


Dusty Rochester says:


tommy ruzicka says:


Novahkiin Arclight Nebula says:

So Rockstar are so detailed in this game that they added ghosts. Now all we
need is some stupid high pitched voice guys to start a tv show about
them and it’s just like real life!

James Benitez says:

can you delete 1 of your friends on x box so i can be your friend i am DR

Cain Robinson says:

Love the video

Teh Wilsonator says:

What was the song at the very end? 

The Iron Stallion says:

What’s that music that plays when Delirious turns to a shadow?

King Furkan says:

Go to my channel if you want the song!

Lucas Castro says:

It doesnt work anymore :(

Jay Tait says:

What console do you have?

Cesar Diaz says:

what building are you guys im interested in trying this glitch with some

911Indiana says:

And I also like the part with the invisible man and then music comes out so

Seth Middleton says:

What the… Freaky

tristanboland says:

0:45 song?

Hayden Branam says:

I made a big mine craft castle for a YouTube video if you want to put it on
message me on xbox TDWN stormsword 

Matthias Boisvert says:

3:29 song?

Mclapd-Gaming007 says:

Wtf the end is really fucked up

o lnSaNiTy o says:

HEY GUYS!!! LETS SPREAD THAT JOKE… you know… that one joke… in bed

LArs ENgeln says:

I#m playing online and no one is so funny like this guys


What’s name of horror song

speedgaming6 says:

did you gus see the car? 3:12

Ahmed Abdul says:

What is the outro song?

DJ says:

Stop copy minn ladd

Martin olsen says:

There is no link to the tutorial in the description :(

arran fuerst says:

his guy looks like tom syndicate

Daniel Israelov says:

What is the name if the song in the bar fight? 

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